Card Expiration Explanation

Having a Medical Marijuana Program card in Massachusetts can provide a lot of relief for the cardholder. It enables easier access, increased weight limits, tax-free purchases, and a higher dosed product selection. Becoming a MMJ patient in Massachusetts is fairly easy and painless, the costs of which can be quickly reimbursed through first-time patient discounts and loyalty programs offered by dispensaries.

Your card and patient status need to be renewed annually. Unfortunately, something that trips up and delays the renewal process for a lot of patients are the two different expiration dates they need to pay attention to. These are the certification and registration dates; they’re almost always different, and only one of them is listed on your patient card.

What ends up happening is you, the patient, arrive at Ermont and hand over your IDs to get checked in. The expiration date on your patient card is still in the future, but you are informed that you cannot come in because your certification is expired. This is an understandably confusing conversation.

While you can always ask your PSA or the person checking you in to tell you your certification expiration date, it is always accessible to you via your Mass CIP portal. You made the username and password when first becoming a patient, but if you don’t remember the information it can be emailed to you.

It is generally safe to assume that your certification expiration will be sometime before the expiration date on your card, so as that looms closer it may be a good idea to log in to find out when you need to schedule your next appointment with a qualified health provider.

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