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First Time Patients

Spend $200 on your first purchase and receive $100 off that purchase. Or spend $100 on each of your first two purchases and receive $50 off those purchases.*

spend $350

In a single visit and receive $15 off that purchase.

spend $100

On a purchase and get the $3.50 cashless ATM fee waived.


15% off for veterans with a VA card, military ID, or a veteran logo on their driver’s license.


10% off for financial hardship with Masshealth card.


Spend $100, receive $50 off within 45 days of your renewal.

go green

For every clean exit bag, dram, or tin recycled, receive two Baker Loyalty points for 20% off.*

* Caregivers do not receive a first time patient discount. However, the first time discount may be redeemed by a caregiver for their patient if the patient is unable to come in.

*Terms and Conditions: drams/exit bags must be in usable condition with no cracks or tears in the plastic or missing caps. Drams/exit bags do not have to originally be from Ermont, however, they must be from a registered medical or adult-use dispensary. Limit per customer is 10 points worth per day (5 items on the approved list).