How to Become a Patient

Currently Ermont can only serve patients and caregivers registered with the Cannabis Control Commission (CCC).

To become a registered patient with CCC, follow the steps below:

1. certifying physician recommendation

Obtain a recommendation from a certifying physician acknowledging that you have a medical condition qualifying you for the Medical Use of Marijuana program in Massachusetts.

1.Bring your current, valid photo identification and the cost of certification; 

2.Make sure your present address matches that on your ID. If it doesn’t, bring proof of current residency.




2. ccc & virtual gateway registration

Complete the Patient Registration Application located on the CCC website. Your certifying physician will provide you with the necessary information to complete the registration at home. You will need the following:

1.The number obtained from your certifying physician

2.Valid photo ID

3.A photograph of yourself consistent with guidelines provided by the CAC, to upload for your Patient ID (You may use your current  ID photo)

4.Form of payment or proof of financial hardship

3. program id card

Once the CCC registration process is complete, you will receive a temporary Program ID card via email that can be printed and used while you wait for your Program ID card to arrive.





4. visit ermont

When you visit Ermont, remember to bring your active, state-issued Program ID card and an additional form of identification (driver’s license, U.S. military ID, passport or passport card, or government-issued ID card). New patients and caregivers will complete a Ermont Patient Agreement form. (See link below).

First Time Patients and Caregivers are eligible to receive $50 off their purchase of $100, and $100 off a purchase of $200.

More information can be found on the Massachusetts Official Website: