Recycling Program

Growing greener program

"In an era of global warming, when environmental degradation threatens the health of the planet, Ermont feels the urgency to do more. Therefore, as a first step in our effort to “grow greener”, Ermont will offer an incentive to all patients to bring back their used drams and product bags, and we will recycle them. The Cannabis industry currently uses staggering amounts of energy and contributes heavily to the waste stream that ends up in landfills. Ermont seeks to lead in an effort to do everything we can to bend the arc of our industry toward a more sustainable future. We want to set an example for our peers. Further, Ermont wants to deliver on its promise to the City of Quincy to be a responsible partner. By growing greener, we will uplift our partner and our partnership. We do not plan to stop here. More programmatic elements to this campaign will be coming, but, as the old saying goes, every journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."
John Gates
Ermont CEO

how it works

Ermont will credit your Baker account with 2 points towards your 20% off discount for every clean dram, tin, and container returned.

This includes 1 gram, 3.5 gram, 7 gram, 14 gram, 28 gram, pre-roll containers, edible tins, mini-pack tins, and exit bags.

This does NOT include cartridges, both screw in or disposable.

Terms & Conditions: Drams/exit bags must be in condition with no cracks or tears in the plastic or missing caps. Drams/exit bags do NOT have to originally be from Ermont, however, they must be from a registered medical or adult-use dispensary. Limit per customer is 10 points worth per day (5 items on the approved list).